Sorry, Wrong Number

Wednesday, December 7.

Week Two began with an eye exam with Dr. Mark. My medical program planners wanted a baseline test of my retinas to compare at each end of the treatment year. Everything looks fine at the start and Dr. Mark said he is not aware of any bulletins siting issues with the drugs being used. He gave me a print of my retina scan shown on the right. Amazing stuff.

Dr. Mark and I shared a laugh about comedian Brian Regan’s bit about visiting the eye doctor.  Click here for a dose of levity – it’s about six minutes.

After the doctor visit and a conference at the office Sue Norah and Will by for a lunch date. Now there’s a test of endurance for anyone on treatments. While it can be tiring, there is nothing better than just being in the presence of happy little ones. It’s invigorating. We had a great time together at Culver’s Butter Burger Drive-in. One-year-old Will recreated the Bill Murray dinner scene from the film What about Bob? as he makes loud moans whenever food is put in front of him. The workmen at the table next to us were cracking up.

Once back at the office, I was beat. I tried a nap on the floor but it wasn’t comfortable so I ended up in Leigh’s photo in this position for a 45 minute rest. Got a lot done today but as you can see I have a way to go to see my desk.


Sorry, Wrong Number.

Experiencing simple joys.

I’ve been trying to get a prescription filled and have been getting the run around from the insurance company. My contact, Lena, at SLU is working the case for me. She left a message to call her back so late yesterday I dialed her number…

  • C: This is Craig calling – is this Lena?
  • D:  No, it’s Dena.
  • C:  Oh, sorry, I must have written that down wrong. Anyway, how are you today, Dena?
  • D:  Fine.
  • C:  I’m calling about the medication.
  • D:  Oh good!
  • C:  Have you heard anything yet?
  • D:  I’ve been waiting for your update.
  • C:  Well, actually, Dena, I was returning your call about the XYZ drug.
  • D:  XYZ? I thought it was supposed to be ABC.
  • C:  Excuse me, but is this Dena?
  • D:  Yes.
  • C:  Are you at St. Louis University Medical
  • D:  Yes. And I’ve been waiting for your call.
  • C:  Is this 555-234-5678?
  • D:  No, this is 555-234-5668
  • C:  Oh, I am terribly sorry. I was trying to connect with my nurse and mis-dialed a digit and when you said you were at SLU and mentioned a medication – I thought I was just having trouble communicating.
  • D: Oh, that’s funny. I’ve been waiting by the phone for my husband’s nurse to call with the ABC medicine that’s an anti-rejection medicine for his bone marrow transplant.
  • C: Bone Marrow Transplant!  I had one of those over 20 years ago. I’m here to tell you things are looking up for you two!
  • D: Oh, that’s amazing.  I’m so happy for you, Craig. That’s encouraging.
  • C: You’re on your way!
  • D: God has been giving us miracles and your wrong number has just been another hint that we’re turning the corner.  I’m so glad you dialed the wrong number.
  • C: Dena, or Lena, or whoever you are… you just made my day.  All the best to you and your husband and Merry Christmas.  You are in my prayers this day. Bye for now.
  • D:  Bye, Craig, call any time!

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