A Visit to the Office

Wednesday – December 14

Today marks the start of week three.

I was determined to get to the office today to assist Leigh with some paperwork. In the process of getting ready, I quickly learned the cumulative physical drain the medicine is having on my strength. I’ve had to switch from blade shaving to the electric razor as I can’t stand long enough at the sink to wet shave but can sit to buzz my face.

I went to the closet but couldn’t find the pants I wanted to wear so I had to go sit down and rest a spell. I returned, found the pants, put them on then went to rest. Now it’s time to select a shirt which was made easier as I had already selected the pants color – grab the shirt, put it on, go sit down. On the next trip I did a two-fer and got my belt and my shoes. I sat down to put on my shoes but then I always do that. But after bending down to tie them it was time for a rest. Whoofie!

I made it to the office but have a feeling that my days of solo driving may become an issue before long. Once in the office I landed in the recliner moved in from the lobby for the anticipated rests I would need. Leigh’s comforter keeps me warm. We spent a few minutes going over pressing papers requiring signatures. Leigh’s a great business partner and gives me confidence in having to be out of the office so much.

A client stopped in for a visit and I moved to my desk to research some bonds of interest to him. It wasn’t long before I was back in the recliner as we wrapped up the visit. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return for other visits but the hour and a half visit to the office exhausted me.

The little medicine bottles of Norah and Will stopped by for a quick visit at home and gave me a boost. Their not knowing of Bobbo’s condition is refreshing and they just want to crawl on me and give hugs. Take Two Twice Daily until exhausted.

The afternoon found me dozing at length in my sitting room recliner with the XM Christmas channel playing quietly.


2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Office

  1. Craig: The outer man is going through tough trials,but the inner man is coming through with great inner strength as evidenced by your excellent writing (an outline for your next book). Each day, you are loved and prayed for from 207 Honey Locust Lane Love, Mom and Dad

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