Pay it Forward

We tend to surround ourselves with good people. It’s only natural – we enjoy each others company. Among this number we count our closest friends.

It’s one thing to be friendly and pleasant and share comfortable companionship for years but when was the last time we verbalized the meaningfulness of the relationship? When was the last time we locked on to anothers eyes and spoke those qualities about them we most appreciate?  Maybe, being good friends . . .  it’s not necessary. Maybe the friendship bond is constantly and silently conveying the message for us. Could it be such a verbal gesture might tamper with a delicate balance . . . even change the relationship? Maybe it’s not worth the risk. Maybe.  But then, just maybe, there are times when a deliberate affirmation is worth the risk.

I received another non-medical dose for the cure this past week when a long time client called to take care of some year-end business. He had heard I was starting another round of treatments and expressed his sadness at the looming ordeal and spoke encouragement for the months ahead.

And then he gave me a compliment and I quickly thanked him for his kindness. And then he did it again . .  and again on another attribute. He listed those things he had observed in me over the years and had admired. And he hung on each statement with deliberate intention. I couldn’t blush my way out of it after the second time – he was piling on. I felt like the special guest of a This is Your Life show. I was instantly walking taller albeit in my new slightly slumped fashion.

Now, this is by no means a solicitation for a comment . . . that train has left the station, the cat’s out of the bag . . . I know who you are.  Rather, this is about your consideration to Pay it Forward to those in your circle. You and I are now on the alert for that situation where an affirmation of the next person we meet might just be better timed than we can imagine.

When the time is right, when the need is there, when your heart says go – be the medicine. Share a good word…. Charlie did for me.


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