All Knees on Deck!

Sue and I appreciate your encouragement and the many expressions of prayer support we’ve received. Today we would ask that you pray in a specific way for these next few weeks.

My viral counts are dropping but they need to drop more in the next month. This is the measure of the bad virus still in my system. It’s dropped dramatically from the start – these are powerful medicines – but in order to stay in the program for the best chance for a cure I need to show counts under the 100,000 level in the next few weeks.

One of the traits of the HCV virus is its constant mutation. It can significantly change every couple of weeks and acquire new resistance capabilities. The medicine created to fight HCV is designed as a wide pattern shotgun blast in an effort to kill such a moving target. As I have one of the tougher strains of the virus it’s challenging the protocol but if we can get these numbers under the 100,000 mark the science indicates we are in the hunt to beat the virus. Now is the time.

I know there are many prayers on our behalf for endurance and for a cure and that is our prayer as well. But there are different ways of getting there. I can open the door today and step into the sun and be miraculously freed. Or, this medical treatment can run a successful course throughout the rest of this year. Or, it may be I just have to wait for the next development in the science of fighting HCV. As always, I remain in His care and timing.

People look at me and instinctively want to pray for my physical comfort and stamina and I appreciate the generous thought. But the outward physical condition you see is like a band-aid – it’s bothersome but in a few months I’ll remove it. You see the outward evidence of the powerful medicine at work in my system. That will pass. What you’re really praying for, however, is for what you can’t see – it’s the battle against the insidious ongoing effect of the virus. It’s almost a metaphor for evil. The silent, sometimes symptomless yet relentless effect of HCV is how it continually attacks the good.

Yes, my medical clock is ticking, the effects of HCV are detrimental and that’s a concern, but if I fail this treatment, I’ll regain my strength, return to active and productive status and get in the waiting line for the next miracle drug a couple of years away.

But I’m not ready to give up on this one!  Some of the people sitting with me in the waiting room are beating the virus with this breakthrough routine and while I have a stubborn strain of the virus, I can be cured as well.

My hand is raised. I’m doing the work. To date, I’ve taken 1,408 pills on a strict every-eight-hour schedule never missing the appointed hour by more than ten minutes which is well within the guidelines. I’ve given myself twelve injections and my legs have large red circles as proof. I’ve given about seven blood draws and quietly wish for a time that will likely never come when I might give my blood to someone who actually wants it.  But for now, it’s time for the science to show its stuff. Let’s play ball!

My friends, if you’re inclined to prayer (and you know who you are) – today you might offer a blessing for the miracle of the science and for the researchers and doctors behind it. I am grateful for their efforts. And then, get righteously mean and join the fight against the virus. Maybe today’s prayer is for healing outside of any scientific flow chart and I can certainly live with that. Simply pray as you are led.

Towards the end of March we’ll learn if we’re tracking toward a successful treatment or if statistically we are not going to be in the running this time. This is the time for All Knees to Be On Deck!  I am thankful for your many expressions of care and I appreciate your taking time to visit the blog today.


28 thoughts on “All Knees on Deck!

  1. i knew of you at greenville college and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.i have enjoyed all your photos of your vacations and of your family. you have many people praying for you as i see here and i will continue as well. take care, fred parker

  2. Praying for your continued strength, courage, and the blessing that you are as you fight this. Also thanking God for these doctors who have found this protocol and those who will continue to find the means to fight.

  3. Continued prayer for you and Sue. We miss seeing your smiling and encouraging faces at church but know that God is in control. The great physician
    Hugs to you both

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  5. Your faith and courage are inspirational, Craig. Phil and I will be lifting you and your whole family up as you go through this. God has been so faithful to you and we are believing that He will continue to do His best work in your lives.

  6. My family has been blessed by the miracles of modern medicine and I am praying that you will continue to be too. Thank you for the kind and generous support that you and Sue provided to our bible quiz team when I was growing up. You made a lasting impression on me setting an example that I try to live by too. God bless.

    Kevin Kwilinski

  7. You will be in our hearts and on our lips throughout this Lenten season. Blessings on you as you model for all of us what it means to “walk the way of the cross.”

  8. Count Sandy and I on your prayer team. I’m not sure what the outcome will be but I’m sure that HE will be with you every step along the way!
    We love you!
    Mark & Sandy Oda

  9. This is that point in the second half when we face the challenge of exhaustion, and need to find our “second wind” in order to achieve the victory! All knees on deck is a great admonition and we resonate with you. Our knees will be on deck during these next few weeks, my brother!
    Dave (and Peggy, too)

  10. David and I will pray that your counts come down. May God grant you the strength of body and spirit required for the days ahead.

    Blessing, Sharla

  11. Do you remember those small green plastic army men that little boys used to play with? One of my friends sent me one when I was going through chemo. It’s this little army man down on one knee with a big bazooka on his shoulder. She sent it as a reminder that she and many others were part of an army of prayer on my behalf. I’m finished with chemo, but I still keep it close by as a reminder to be that same kind of prayer warrior for others. Please know I’ll be praying specifically that God will use all those meds you’re taking to blast that virus right out of your body!

  12. Craig, thank you for this information. We will indeed be praying for you and that this protocol will work. Pressing thru to God for His intervention for your health.
    Ed and Bobbie Moore

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