Friends for Dinner

I was so encouraged by a visit from my long time Edward Jones partners. We’ve been sharing careers and life for over thirty years. They are dear friends. Through the years we’ve worked together, taken ski trips, Hawaiian vacations and African safaris together. We’ve also shared in watching our families grow. (Another wedding coming this year!)

Part of the uniqueness of our firm is being organized to support each other as opposed to seeing each other as competitors. For these many years we’ve operated in each others best interests. I’ve conducted business seminars for Steve when he was called out of town and he’s done the same for me – in fact he stepped in to put on a program for me the day we were called to fly to Oklahoma to pick up our new son, Alex. Dan has been a trusted partner and mentor through the years. But aside from the business, these are just great people to count as friends for almost 33 years.

After dinner at a local restaurant we visited in Sarah’s new home and met with Norah and Will. Dan was my crutch as I held on to him and shuffled along after dinner. Later, Steve and Lyn insisted they drive me home to make sure I arrived safely in my anemic state.

Sue and I say thanks to Dan and Nancy and Steve and Lyn. Let’s do it again.

(PS. I love the banner photograph above of the Van Voorhis family as they toured with us in Italy. Here we are waiting to go in to the Vatican with Amy, Steve, Lyn and Katy.)


7 thoughts on “Friends for Dinner

  1. Craig,

    We loved having dinner with you and Schmelters and thank you for such a great post! I believe that you and Sue received the news of Alex’s adoption (we got a wire at the office) on the day Katie was born. We have had wonderful times with your family and are looking forward to many more. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Craig& sue, Thru my down time in life, I am learning 2 navigate the world of blogs. I am so thankful for the many encouraging times we were blessed to be with you…..the jug & bottle band……you both showed such professionalism. A favorite memory for me was spending time playing with Alex in your back yard. He must have been around six. We were graciously invited to dinner at your home……I played and I felt a connection of love for Alex as well as the other Tidballs as you were so welcoming to us as young Edward Jones family. We truly can say Edward jones has been a huge family to us……thru the ups and downs, joys & sorrows, I am so thankful for the friends like you who have opened your hearts. I am encouraged to pray for your family….in all your free time craig, please pray for our family…..the journey has surprised us, from the highest points to the dark hours of pain. I know there is no comparison to your battle. I am encouraged to pray more, smile more,be positive more…..even when my heart hurts…..I hope this isn’t too long…..Much love to our edj family…..Tammy Herbster

    • Thank you for your kind words, Tammy. Yes, we belong to a good thing and I am grateful for the many benefits of our Jones experience. You two are special and we are remembering you in prayer. Keep practicing on the bottles – you never know when you might be called upon again to show some gifted musical talent. Craig

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