Funeral Excerpts honoring Watson Tidball

Mom & Dad-1

Watson and Bonnie

On Easter Sunday evening 2013, my father, Watson Tidball died. He lived a rich full life and was adored by his family and appreciated by his colleagues and neighbors. For decades he was known as Mr. Greenville College for his endless promotion of his beloved alma mater.

On April 4, 2013 family and friends gathered to pay tribute to his remarkable life and legacy. This page contains links to those people who shared during the celebration at the Greenville Free Methodist Church.

Scripture by Jim and Leslie Brissenden (1:02)

Tribute by Dr. Robert “Ish” Smith (11:36)


The Watson and Bonnie Tidball Family circa 1969
Leslie, BonBon,Craig, Scott, Curtis, Grumps, Todd, and Jana

Tribute by Curt Tidball (5:45)

Tribute by Jana Tidball Spencer (7:43)

Eulogy by Craig W. Tidball (27:06)

Meditation by Pastor Doug Newton (23:09)

Memories of my Grandfather

Marcie Tidball (1:09)

Jason Ellis (2:14)

Morgan Spencer (1:45)

Tidball Reunion 2005 for Dad's 80th

Circa 2006
Leslie, BonBon,Craig, Scott, Curt, Grumps, Todd, Jana


A Tribute to My Father

Dr. Watson Tidball at the wedding of Sarah and Jason Ellis

Dr. Watson Tidball at the wedding of Sarah and Jason Ellis

(See the audio link below)

On Easter evening my father, Dr. S. Watson Tidball of Greenville, Illinois, passed away at the age of 87 years and eight months. After a busy day at church and dinner out where he was again working the crowd, he and Mom were relaxing quietly at home watching the television special “The Bible”. It was at the scene of the Crucifixion that he slumped in his chair and slipped away.

His funeral was a celebration of a full life well lived in service to his Lord. We shared in the joy of his music, a Missing Man Quartet, and a 60 voice male chorus singing the Navy Hymn followed by the choral benediction which closed every concert of his beloved Greenville College Choir. As the family followed the casket out of the service the audience sang the Alma Mater of Greenville College.

MP3 of Craig’s Eulogy delivered at the funeral of Dr. Watson Tidball

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