A Tribute to My Father

Dr. Watson Tidball at the wedding of Sarah and Jason Ellis

Dr. Watson Tidball at the wedding of Sarah and Jason Ellis

(See the audio link below)

On Easter evening my father, Dr. S. Watson Tidball of Greenville, Illinois, passed away at the age of 87 years and eight months. After a busy day at church and dinner out where he was again working the crowd, he and Mom were relaxing quietly at home watching the television special “The Bible”. It was at the scene of the Crucifixion that he slumped in his chair and slipped away.

His funeral was a celebration of a full life well lived in service to his Lord. We shared in the joy of his music, a Missing Man Quartet, and a 60 voice male chorus singing the Navy Hymn followed by the choral benediction which closed every concert of his beloved Greenville College Choir. As the family followed the casket out of the service the audience sang the Alma Mater of Greenville College.

MP3 of Craig’s Eulogy delivered at the funeral of Dr. Watson Tidball

(You’ll be directed to SoundCloud.)



One thought on “A Tribute to My Father

  1. Thought I had shed all my tears. I was wrong. Thanks for capturing the sibling messages as very beautiful and meaningful to those of us who share yet cannot as eloquently express. Craig. Hugs, Cherie.

    Cherie Sprague, GPHR, SPHR Senior HR Executive Regional Transportation District 1600 Blake Street Denver, Colorado 80202


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